Off the Bookshelf – Radio Interview

“Off the Bookshelf” on WMPC Radio
Recorded on December 28, 2016

Dr. Deb Waterbury Testimony

Reap What Your Sew Project

I have been traveling to countries in Africa to speak to the women there for about six years. Depending on the event, the crowds range from a couple hundred women to over a thousand, and often those conferences are attended by women coming for miles from surrounding villages. They bring their children with them, because meals are included with…(watch video for more)

6 Pairs of Sandals Inspiration

In the last 10 years of working with women, particularly women in local churches, it has been sad to see how many churches are abdicating the ministry of women within their confines. Often it’s a matter of methodology, but just as often

90 Day Devotionals

Women are busy. We multitask, and we manage. It’s what we do. Good, deep study of the God’s Word is vitally important in managing our lives. It gives us perspective and grace. That is precisely why I wrote the 90-Day Devotional Series…(watch video to learn more)

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