What people are saying…

“The anointing of the Holy Spirit through the teaching of Dr. Deb Waterbury has not only given me the ability to understand, believe, accept and receive for myself the biblical truths of the immeasurable love, peace and freedom from the anxiety and lies that have plagued my life, that can only come from knowing Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. It has opened my eyes to the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit within my own life to overcome and be free to forgive and find peace with even the worst of my own transgressors. It just doesn’t get much better than this!”

-Elizabeth Ryan, Tucson, AZ

“In a world where so many people are afraid to take off their masks, to be who they really are, it’s so refreshing to have an authentic woman like Dr. Deb Waterbury who can so lovingly encourage and equip women of all ages with the Biblical tools necessary to embrace the beauty of who God made them to be.”

– Andy Tracy, Pastor of Lifepoint Church, Tucson, AZ

“The many dimensions of LEM can stand alone in excellence, but when considered in total, they comprise a Bible centered women’s ministry which is unparalleled. Of course, a great message is only a good as its messenger, and Dr Deb is truly blessed by God to speak life to His words in her ministry. You will be hard pressed to find a woman who can lead and teach with such humility, grace, and love. I am blessed to be numbered among those who can call this Godly woman both friend and counselor.”

– Michelle Manning, Colorado Springs, CO

“I have been associated with [Dr. Waterbury’s] ministry since 2011. Her desire is to see the abused women regain their self-worth through the teachings of Christ. She then challenges the women not to look down upon themselves, but to rise up and begin to follow the biblically proven steps she teaches. Many women from our surrounding communities who had such bad backgrounds have had their lives transformed through her simple, down to earth teaching.”

– Augustine Mgala, Senior Pastor, Agape Life Church International, Blantyre, Malawi

“Dr. Deborah Waterbury had a radio program on KGMS and KNXN that was very well received by our audience. Her passion in proclaiming that we are intimately loved by God, and that He has a plan for our lives, came through loud and clear over the radio. Even though Love Everlasting Ministries is geared for women the radio program ministered to men like me too!”

  Doug Martin, President/GM Good News Radio Broadcasting

“I know Dr. Debbie personally. She is very accomplished. She has not lost touch with the world around her. Her passion for God and the great teaching gift she demonstrates is a great blessing to many. She is a person of fully developed Christian Character.  She will be a blessing to anyone or any cause she gives her considerable talent to support.”

– Dr. Carl E. Conley, JD, President, Faith Community Churches International

“Her love of Jesus is woven into the very fabric of her existence. Her love of women are the silver and gold threads that line her heart.  Not only was she an excellent guest and host, I honestly cannot believe that anything she tackled would not be exemplary.”

– Kathy Thomas, host of Woman to Woman Radio show for 29 years

“Dr. Debbie Waterbury has come to speak to the people of Royal Impact Church many times, including our yearly Easter Celebrations, as well as our Women’s Leadership Conferences. She is greatly loved by the people here, and most especially by the women, whose lives have been changed by her teachings.”

– Bishop Patrick Mapfumo, Royal Impact International Church, Harare, Zimbabwe

“Deborah has led two retreats for the women of Forest Ridge Community Church.  She is amazingly relevant, practical and a biblically solid teacher.  Her unmistakable heart for women is evident not just in her teaching, but also in the personal care she extends so graciously.  Her sense of humor and wisdom are paired to persuade women to be real and vulnerable with her and each other.”

– Tim Miller, Senior Pastor of Forest Ridge Community Church, Colorado Springs, CO