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Hello, from Dr. Deb Waterbury…

Teaching that the love of Christ and the Truth of Scripture lead to life-changing freedom.
Welcome to the Deb Waterbury website. Life can sometimes be so confusing and difficult, and finding our ways through it can be equally so. It’s my prayer that together we might traverse this obstacle course in a way that not only brings us joy but also brings joy to those around us. Through my own personal experiences and study of God’s Word, I’ve found that one of the most beautiful things about being a part of His family is that we do not have to be alone, either in our pain or our triumphs.
Consequently, I take my writing and my message seriously. I strive to be transparent, both with my own struggles and my life because none of us is exempt from trials. However, all of us have something to offer. I pray that my books, articles, podcasts, and conferences will help each who listen or read find the peace and joy that are only available through Jesus. And I pray that everything I offer displays that the love of our Savior and Lord can and does cover every sin and pain. May the Lord bless you and keep you.