Lies that Bind

We are often bound by lies, lies about who we are and who God is and lies about what that means in our lives. Those lies start when we are young, often having their beginnings with a word or an action or a deed, and those lies are insidious. We don’t realize that our very identities are being built on a foundation of illusion, but that’s exactly the way the Enemy wants it. Because if he can keep us confused about who we really are in Christ, then the work we can be doing on behalf of our Savior is stunted in pain and misery as those lies build on themselves throughout our lives.
Dr. Deb Waterbury gets real in The Lies that Bind, a very candid look into her own life as she exposes five specific lies that Satan told her about who she was and how those lies derailed her well into adulthood. How can we break those bonds and what truths must we replace those lies with once we expose them to the light of truth?
This book is a book of deliverance. Every lie is exposed, and then each chapter ends with a prayer of deliverance and a list of Scripture verses that tell the beautiful truth that Satan doesn’t want you to know about who you are as a child of God, the beloved bride of Christ. Break the bondage of the lies you’ve lived in, and live as the free child of the Most High that you are!

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Painted Window

“Some doors are hard to close, and some windows are almost impossible to see through. Elizabeth can’t seem to do either as she struggles with both her past and her present. Orphaned at the age of two, Elizabeth was forced into a life of prostitution at sixteen. Now, despite having finally left her old lifestyle behind when she moved to the kingdom of Comdenshire, she doesn’t believe she deserves love. No one could possibly want to spend his life with someone who is not only dirty and poor, but has behaved as shamefully as she has.

When King Reginald catches a glimpse of her in the marketplace and falls in love with her, Elizabeth is both baffled and anxious. Despite her insistence that she is not lovable and that Reginald will not love her once he knows her better, he continues to pursue her. But what should he do when she is put in jail, accused of stealing a bracelet? And how can he communicate with her when the window of her cell has been painted over?

Follow Reginald and Elizabeth in this romantic allegory of what it means to fully realize and accept Christ’s love and be his bride. Suggested Bible passages and study questions after each chapter can deepen your understanding and help keep you close to God’s truth. Discover that not only is it possible to have an intimate relationship with Christ, regardless of who you are or what you’ve done, but that he is eager to make you his.”

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Elizabeth Percy can hardly believe she is engaged to marry the honorable, brave King Reginald. Together, they will rule over the beautiful land of Comdenshire as man and wife. Soon, however, the king is called away to battle with Balefore, a neighboring kingdom. Elizabeth finds herself the bearer of an amazing amount of responsibility, and she requires the help of her close allies to keep the peace. Almost immediately, the kingdom is threatened. There is an evil force in Comdenshire, one who threatens all that is good and righteous – including Elizabeth. Conspiracies lurk in the darkened castle corners, and foes threaten to overthrow the peaceful kingdom Reginald has built. Elizabeth is the territory’s only hope, yet she doubts herself. Elizabeth was not always an upright, queenly woman. She is haunted by the failings of her past and has trouble moving forward, especially without Reginald by her side. Still, she knows Reginald loves her – has always loved her and will always love her, despite her faults. Will she keep Comdenshire at peace until his return, or will past regret and a current threat bring down the joyous, faithful life she hopes to live? Threads is the second book in the Painted Window trilogy, an allegorical representation of the walk of every believer.

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White Zephyr

What is the role that every Christian is to play while he or she waits on the King to return?  What do they do as even the king’s people seem to forget what He said and what He promised?

Elizabeth and her friends are left in Comdenshire as King Reginald is away, fighting a war with the neighboring kingdom of Balefore.  But while he is away, his village has erupted in violence and mayhem.  People are turning against one another, and a new king is threatening to take the throne, a new king who is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of the same evil that has always threatened Comdenshire—Albert Humphry.  When news of the king’s death reaches the borders of Comdenshire, all seems lost—were it not for a small band of people who are loyal to King Reginald.  It is up to this band of people to remind the people of whom their king is and that he will keep his promises—all of them.

White Zephyr is the final book in the Painted Window Trilogy, an allegory that depicts each Christian as the bride of Christ as well as the role that each must play while here, waiting for the glorious return of the Bridegroom.

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James on the Mount

Our Savior’s words are, no doubt, the most powerful and endearing words ever spoken, but have you ever thought about how they affected his family, especially after they ridiculed and mocked Him so ardently during His time here on earth? This study is a poignant reflection on the words of James, Jesus’ brother, as he writes his epistle based almost exclusively on the Sermon on the Mount. You’ll travel with James as he writes to the displaced Jews, but more importantly, you’ll study the words of Jesus as they are taught by his brother, the very brother who scoffed at Him years earlier. This is an enlightening study that is sure to illuminate as well as educate the reader.

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6 Pairs of Sandals: Yesterday’s Footsteps and Today’s Women’s Ministry

Do you ever feel like you want to minister to the women in your local church, or that you should do so, but that you just don’t know where to start or even what on earth you have to offer? If you are like the thousands of women all around the world who have wrestled with this issue, 6 Pairs of Sandals is just the book to get you started. By studying the characters and ministries of six women from the bible, Dr. Waterbury then gives practical, step by step guidelines and suggestions on how each of us can find a place in our home churches where we can minister to other women. Whether you are looking to hone the skills you already have in women’s ministry or are searching for where you might fit in this necessary function of the church, this book will help you find the sandals most suited to your feet—feet that run joyfully to bring the Good News to the women around you every Sunday!

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A personal time with God is extraordinarily important for every believer, but so is good and deep study of His Word. In an effort to combine these two necessary facets of the Christian’s walk, Dr. Deborah Waterbury has developed a devotional series done in verse by verse, expositional style, giving you both a compact, ready-to-use devotion as well as one that expounds on the Scripture. These devotions are sure to help you understand the Bible better while helping you apply its life-changing words to your life. The devotions take about ten minutes a day, but by the end of 90 days, the reader will have done a complete study of the applicable book of the Bible. This is the perfect devotional for active believers who still want to engage in deep study of God’s Word.









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