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What do Christians do when we’re frustrated, angry, sad, depressed, afraid, or feel any other of a myriad of negative emotions? How can we find the source of the problems, especially when we’re often told we shouldn’t be feeling those things as believers? Dr. Deb Waterbury has addressed this very issue from the pulpit and in her counseling sessions, coining the phrase, “There’s a crack in my vertical!” It is Dr. Deb’s assertion that believers have at their disposal the ability to live in a continuous state of love, peace, joy, contentment, and harmony, though she admits we seldom, if ever, get there. However, since Jesus has given all of these things, why can’t we access them daily? A Crack in My Vertical examines exactly what might be missing in our relationships with Jesus that can affect these five emotions, giving practical and useable suggestions on what we can do to repair those cracks!

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