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We are often bound by lies, lies about who we are and who God is and lies about what that means in our lives. Those lies start when we are young, often having their beginnings with a word or an action or a deed, and those lies are insidious. We don’t realize that our very identities are being built on a foundation of illusion, but that’s exactly the way the Enemy wants it. Because if he can keep us confused about who we really are in Christ, then the work we can be doing on behalf of our Savior is stunted in pain and misery as those lies build on themselves throughout our lives. Dr. Deb Waterbury gets real in The Lies that Bind, a very candid look into her own life as she exposes five specific lies that Satan told her about who she was and how those lies derailed her well into adulthood. How can we break those bonds and what truths must we replace those lies with once we expose them to the light of truth?


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