We are Mother Abraham


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Meet Katherine Matthis, mother of two, wife of one, and struggling with an all-too-common dilemma— how does a mother protect her children and let them go at the same time? Katherine’s oldest is Patty, a young lady who’s lost her way amidst her fear of failure, and who now finds herself drowning in a sea of drugs and bad choices. Katherine has tried everything to help her daughter, but nothing works. Patty simply sinks deeper and deeper. Amidst this torment, Katherine’s bible study has embarked on a new book called Mother Abraham, the story of Sarah and her struggle to watch her only miracle son be led off to certain death at the behest of her God. As Katherine begrudgingly reads the book, she finds herself drawn to Sarah’s story, so much like her own. And while she looks for solace in their shared experiences, she stumbles on the truth of motherhood she never saw, a truth that brings healing to her wounded mother’s heart.


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