White Zephyr


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What is the role that every Christian is to play while he or she waits on the King to return?  What do they do as even the king’s people seem to forget what He said and what He promised?

Elizabeth and her friends are left in Comdenshire as King Reginald is away, fighting a war with the neighboring kingdom of Balefore.  But while he is away, his village has erupted in violence and mayhem.  People are turning against one another, and a new king is threatening to take the throne, a new king who is nothing more than a puppet in the hands of the same evil that has always threatened Comdenshire—Albert Humphry.  When news of the king’s death reaches the borders of Comdenshire, all seems lost—were it not for a small band of people who are loyal to King Reginald.  It is up to this band of people to remind the people of whom their king is and that he will keep his promises—all of them.

White Zephyr is the final book in the Painted Window Trilogy, an allegory that depicts each Christian as the bride of Christ as well as the role that each must play while here, waiting for the glorious return of the Bridegroom.


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